The World is Shifting - Uranus Square Pluto 2012-2015

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Published: 31st October 2012
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As you can see by the keywords for each of the planets, the fact that they are coming into a hard aspect with one another means that our outer and inner worlds are in for a big shake up. One of the major issues is that Uranus is in the sign of Aries which is forward looking towards the future while Pluto is in Capricorn which tends to look backwards and hold onto the status quo. Donít be surprised if these conflicting energies appear in your life too.
We are already seeing unusual weather patterns with sudden changes in temperature as a result of this transit. I have seen this repeatedly whilst travelling where the temperature can change up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or more within the space of a few hours. The number of earthquakes is increasing, weíve seen tornados across the US, floods, (we have just seen fatalities in southern Spain), electricity / power failures, and lightning strikes.

Uranus and Pluto are a combustible combination triggering unrest and global change.
Every revolution including the English, French, European, Russian and American revolution occurred during powerful Uranus Pluto aspects.

The last time was Uranus and Pluto were in strong aspect was in 1965 - 66 when they were conjunct. We saw huge shifts in humanity, with the hippies, the flower people, the Vietnam war and rebellions around the world. The last time historically that Uranus and Pluto formed a square aspect was in 1933 when we saw the rise of fascism, nationalism and a financial meltdown. In the 1960ís the aspect lasted for two years, this time it lasts for four years and is much stronger.

Seismic changes are happening globally but they will also happen for you on a personal level. The degree of intensity for you will depend upon where in your chart this square falls. Those of you who will be most affected will be the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, and especially if it is your Sun, Moon or ascendant that is being activated.

If itís your Sun that is being affected by the square, you will have an opportunity to transform your identity. This aspect is affecting me deeply as Pluto is conjunct my natal Sun in Capricorn and it has caused a deep transformation in who I am and I know that this is just the beginning. I have gone through the whole gamut of emotions from desperation to elation.

If it is your Moon that is being affected by this square, then everything connected with your security, your family, your home and your belongings will be affected. You may lose a close relationship, you may move home several times, you may have a period of feeling very unsettled. You may lose your job even though you have been making a lot of money and are reasonably content in your work, so that you are forced to move into a career that is more suited to your soulís development.

If itís affecting your ascendant, expect big changes in your relationships and the people in your life, how you see yourself and the image you present to others. You may change the way you look, who you let into your life and who you let go of. Your awareness about yourself undergoes a sea change.

No matter what, if your ascendant, Moon or Sun are affected, you will experience huge changes and this will go on for at least another three to four years.

Maybe itís affecting your midheaven which can signify a career change and/or a change in your domestic circumstances.

Pluto and Uranus will bring out deep inner battles within yourself, so donít be afraid of the changes, welcome them as you will be able to move into a new and higher level and thus have a more fulfilling life on all levels. You will come out with a greater understanding of who you are and you will be a more authentic and real person.

If Mercury is being triggered, then communications, friendships and your interests will go through huge changes. If you have been afraid to speak up for what you want and to stick up for yourself, this square will force you to speak out. At first you may be afraid of upsetting people, but you may feel such inner frustration that you donít care anymore and you are willing to risk offending someone so that you can express what you are feeling.
Or it could have the opposite effect. Maybe you have been too direct and hurtful to others in the past and your friendships and relationships have to break down in order for you to see what you have been doing so that you can begin to correct your behaviour.

You may develop new skills and interests and itís a good time to do something you have never done before. You may start learning the piano, homeopathy, graphic design, or you may decide to go into the medical field and become a doctor.

If Venus is being affected then this will trigger changes in your relationships and your finances. You may have a heartbreaking experience which forces you to change destructive behaviour patterns and eventually leads you to much happier and more fulfilling relationships. Whatever you have done so far in your relationships will change drastically. For example, if you have been afraid of getting into a relationship, of trusting anyone because you were hurt in the past, with this transit, you may open yourself to love again, by meeting someone quite by surprise whom you cannot resist.

Venus being activated can cause a change in your values and how you value things. You may not be charging enough for your services because you donít value yourself enough. This could change drastically during this square aspect. You may have a great breakthrough in how you value yourself, your time, your money, your love and your affection.

If Mars is affected then you may need to learn how to be more aware of the consequences of your actions and how they affect others. Maybe you have always wanted to start your own business but have never had the courage to do it. Uranus and Pluto will force you out of your comfort zone maybe by having you lose your job, or having you unable to find employment so that you have to finally take the risk of becoming self- employed.

The energies of Uranus, Pluto and Mars together can result in extreme actions as the energy will feel very intense. You may need to take some bold actions in order to break out of the comfort zone or rut you have been in. You will feel the intense energy and you will be propelled to do something radically different than before.

If Jupiter is affected this will cause changes in your beliefs. You may consider changing your religion or your direction in life. Your philosophy may change and so will your priorities. You may realise that you need to give more to charity, not only financially, but also contribute your time and energy by volunteering.

If Saturn is activated, you will have some serious life lessons to learn possibly around money, relationships, your health, how you use your time, your life direction.

We have another four very exciting and powerfully transformative years ahead of us.

The exact squares occur on:
May 20th 2013
November 23rd 2013
April 21st 2014
December 15th 2014
March 16th 2015

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